TRANSDAT 19.11: TRANSDAT Coordinate conversion and datum shifts with highest accuracy


TRANSDAT Coordinate Conversion supports thousands of coordinate systems and geodetic datum shifts, user-defined systems, INSPIRE, NTv2, BeTA2007, GPS, continental drift, Shape, KML, CSV and other file systems and much more with highest accuracy. The current and historical coordinate and reference systems of all states of the European Union, the American State Plane systems NAD27 und NAD83 and most systems of other continents are supported.

shifts, system, coordinates, wgs84, helmert, nad27, state, molodenski, strip, reference, latitude, coordinate, etrs89

DRAGSENS 3.00: DRAGSENS - GPS Position of a Dragged Sensor - Transformation and tracking.


DRAGSENS Geo Software is used for the exact position estimation of a towed body, sensor, camera, array or net, dragged behind a ship, aircraft or vehicle. The software allows a real-time estimation of the position of a dragged sensor based on the location of a GPS-receiver. The sensor thereby can be dragged underwater, at water or earth surface or be airborne.

receiver, wgs84, nmea, sensor, position, depth sounder, towed, lonitude, navigation system, latitude, coordinate, etrs89, dragged

SEVENPAR 6.00: Calculation of Helmert / Molodensky Parameter Sets for precise datum shifts


SEVENPAR is a tool for the calculation of highly exact transformation parameters for the Spatial Helmert and Molodensky Transformation, which make possible precise coordinate transformations from one reference system into another. The determined transformation parameters can be entered directly into suitable transformation software, e.g. TRANSDAT Coordinate Transformations, or into the calculation software of GPS receivers.

three, coordinates, position, frame, sevenpar, seven, helmert, spatial, reference, molodenski, coordinate, 19111, vector

Super Unit Converter 1.2.1: It can convert between a wide range of units of measurement.

Super Unit Converter 1.2.1

Super Unit Converter is a light and very easy to use tool that can convert between a wide range of units of measurement, and it`s all free! Convert angles, area, bits & bytes, density, electric current, energy, force, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume units.

convert units, unit converter, convert unit

PhysPro Fluid Properties Estimate Fluids physical and chemical properties, mixture properties

PhysPro Fluid Properties

PhysPro Fluid Properties is a physical properties estimation software that uses two powerful databases, both databases include over 400 fluids (including 55 common refrigerants). The software also include humid air properties and has the ability to estimate mixture properties using common property packages. You can also generate saturation tables for more than 80 fluids, plot charts and generate physical properties tables.

mixture properties, chemical properties, fluid properties, physical properties

Gas Sonic Velocity Calculator 1.0.0: Calculate the sonic velocity of a specified gas flowing in a pipe.

Gas Sonic Velocity Calculator 1.0.0

Calculate the sonic velocity of a specified gas flowing in a pipe. Sonic velocity is also known as speed of sound. This is mainly the sound velocity of the internal substance in a pipe. This calculator is mainly targets process and chemical engineers whom may find it useful for quick check calculations.

sonic velocity, speed of sound, gas sonic velocity in pipes

Intuwiz CNC 1.0: Convert personal computer into computer numerical control system.

Intuwiz CNC 1.0

Intuwiz CNC can convert any personal computer with LPT (parallel) port into computer numerical control (CNC) system.Program can generate step/direction or direct phase outputs using RS-274D G-code (Gcode).Application allows to use E-Stop, limit switches and backlash compensation.Intuwiz CNC has been used to control routers, lathes, mills, plasma cutters and other machines.

g code program, interpreter, jog control, programs, direct phase outputs, rs 274, g code, backlash compensation, control, lathe, tool path, coordinate x, g code tool path

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