IndieVolume IndieVolume offers per-application volume and other audio settings.


IndieVolume allows every application have separate volume level, independent from other applications volume level. Bespoke per-application volume, IndieVolume also supports per-application balance and mute. IndieVolume is extremly useful for VoIP applications. When application marked as "exclusive" plays a sound, IndieVolume automatically mutes all other applications. IndieVolume allows per-application selection of playback device.

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Real Desktop Free 2.07: 'Real Desktop' turns your ordinary desktop into a real desk!

Real Desktop Free 2.07

Turn your ordinary desktop into a Real Desktop. You get icons with real physics behaviour and a eye catch graphic. Customize your Desktop and get many designs from our webpage.

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Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.0.1: Turn any photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop.

Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.0.1

With Animated Wallpaper Maker you can turn any photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop. These animated backgrounds can replace your standard wallpaper and will breathe new life into your desktop. You can animate any picture you have. You don`t need expensive, complicated software anymore. It`s very easy!

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Animated Screensaver Maker 4.0.1: Easy-to-use tool for animating static photos and building screensavers

Animated Screensaver Maker 4.0.1

With Animated Screensaver Maker you can beautify your desktop with an unlimited number of animated screensavers with amazing effects. It’s very easy. You need only three mouse clicks to create a new screensaver. Just load your picture into the tool, adjust animation parameters and click the button to build a screensaver. You can animate any picture you have.

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MP3 Pizza Timer English 2.6: MP3-PizzaTimer is a Timer that counts down and plays your favourite music.

MP3 Pizza Timer English 2.6

MP3 Pizza Timer is an easy to set up countdown Timer. Put your pizza in the oven or make your tea and use this Timer to count down and play your favourite music to remind you. Easy to use: Move a music file per drag & drop on the MP3 Timer and adjust the countdown time! The Timer will countdown until it reaches zero, then the music will play. That`s all!

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Christmas Snowfall Wallpaper 2.0: Download and install free animated wallpaper Christmas Snowfall!

Christmas Snowfall Wallpaper 2.0

Every year we are pleased to celebrate Christmas and New Year are waiting for positive change in the new year, hope for the best. Well when you can spend the holidays in the forest, surrounded by the majestic scenery of the winter. However, not all of us use this possibility, but with our animated wallpaper Christmas Snowfall you will always have the opportunity to spend a couple of minutes in the winter forest, even in summer.

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EarthDesk 5.0.6

EarthDesk replaces your static wallpaper with a high-resolution rendered image of Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination as well as real-time cloud coverage. Many different options are available for configuring the map image.

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