Free Tetris HN 2.11: A free tetris game to learn to read music notes in treble clef

Free Tetris HN 2.11

A free tetris game to learn to read music notes in treble clef. Music notes are dropping from the treble clef at the top of your screen. Using your keyboard left and right arrow keys, your objective is to steer each note so it lands on its name at the bottom of the screen. But be careful : if a falling note collides with a dynamite stick, it explodes and you lose one Life! Three modes, two notations, a Hi-Score, many backgrounds... FREE !

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FSS ePub Reader The best free ePub reader and converter. ePub to PDF, ePub to Html, ePub to txt.

FSS ePub Reader

FSS ePub Reader is a free program that handles all ePub(short for electronic publication) files. Features include full screen view and converting to PDF, Html or plain text.

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Ear Training Play It By Ear HN 2.12: A ear training game to recognize music notes in treble clef and bass clef.

Ear Training Play It By Ear HN 2.12

A real computer game (with points,lives, Hi-Score list) that teaches you to recognize music notes by ear. Easy to customize, Ear Training Play It By Ear HN lets you learn at your own pace. It requires no previous knowledge of music. Its user-friendly interface allows you to start playing and learning right away, and its Cartoons option makes it even more fun. It features the same Learning menu as Sheet Music Treble Clef and Bass Clef HN game.

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Clic Music Notes HN 1.02: A learning mouse game for kids : click on music notes to turn them into animals.

Clic Music Notes HN 1.02

Click Music Notes HN is a learning mouse game for kids. To play, you must click on the music notes and turn them into funny animals. The speed of moving notes can be set to 0 (immobile) to 100 (unplayable, even for parents!).It is also possible to play with all notes or only some. Each click on a note earn points : the more notes and the faster they move, the more points you earn. A Hi-Score reward the best players.

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Piano Keys HN 1.03: A free game to learn the keys names of a piano keyboard.

Piano Keys HN 1.03

Piano Keys HN is a free game to learn the keys names of a piano keyboard. When you start the game, the name of the piano keys are placed on the correct place. Press the space bar to mix them and use your mouse to move each key name to the right place. You can choose the piano keys to play with: just the white keys, just the black keys or all keys together. For the black keys, you can choose between sharps, flats or both sharps and flats.

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Music Notes In Space HN 2.0: Learn music notes duration the fun way!

Music Notes In Space HN 2.0

Music Notes In Space HN is a full-fledged arcade-type computer game that`s both fun and educational. It will teach you about relative note durations (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes) even as you play and have fun. With its three levels of difficulty (Beginner, Advanced, Expert) and other options, Music Notes In Space HN is suitable for players of all ages.

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