TicTacTocToe 2.4: Play 3D naughts and crosses on your PC  against a friend or the CPU

TicTacTocToe 2.4

Play 3D naughts and crosses (also called Qubic and tic-tac-toc-toe) on your PC. Choose one of 4 computer opponents and you can tinker with the AI. There are options to take back moves, set the computer to play itself, rotate the view, save and load games and statistics are recorded. No installation is required and to delete the program just delete the folder.

crosses, qubic, three, dimensional, noughts, naughts, tictactoctoe

Spit 0.8.2: Play the card game known as spit (or slam and speed) against a computer

Spit 0.8.2

Play the speed driven card game known as Spit, Slam or Speed against the computer. Customizable speed of opponent and game rules. Nothing to install and freeware!

demons, racing, daemons, spit, slam, freeware, speed, cards, card game, quick, download

OssiSnake 1.15: The great snake for windows with loads of options.

OssiSnake 1.15

Play Snake on your PC. There are options to change the amount of food, size of screen, size of the snake, size of the food and speed. There is also a highscores funtion. The file is small and no install is required.

small, nokia, ossie, snake, no install, free, simple, game, freeware, quick, manners, download

OssiRacing 1.1: Race a car on your desktop no installation required and freeware

OssiRacing 1.1

A quick, clean and simple freeware game letting you race a car on your desktop. Avoid the obstacles and enjoy stereo sound, nitros, user-changealbe graphics, and gamepad support and a highscore table. Nothing to install or uninstall. Direct X 7 is required but your system probably already has it installed.

basic, visual, ossie, no install, racing, desktop, simulation, easy, free, game, freeware, quick, download

Dots and Boxes 2.6: Play the classic pencil and paper game 'dots and boxes' against your PC

Dots and Boxes 2.6

Play the classic pencil and paper game of "Dots and Boxes" on the PC, against a friend or an intelligent computer opponent. Includes options changing the board size and opponent strength, selecting who starts and taking back moves. There is info on how to play and stats are recorded. No installation is required and to delete the program just delete the folder.

dots, child s play, mathematical, game, freeware, puzzle, boxes

Log Sailing 1.2: Row your boat across the Niagara Falls - simple, easy and freeware

Log Sailing 1.2

Row your boat across the Niagara Falls using the arrow keys on the keyboard trying to avoid the logs. No installation or un-installation required, just unzip the files and run the exe. Simple, clean, easy and free.

small, boat, simulation, waterfall, logs, sailing, niagara, easy, rowing, free, simple, freeware, game

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