RasterVect 23.0.6: Vectorizer RasterVect transforms raster images to a vector format.

RasterVect 23.0.6

RasterVect can transform any raster images (BMP,GIF,TIFF,JPEG,PNG and so on) into a vector format. Raster images can be imported by scanning original paper images. The target vector formats (DXF,WMF,EMF,AI and EPS) are supported by most CAD applications that use vector graphics, such as Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator. There are viewing tools like color selection, zooming, scrolling and tools for vector and raster editing.

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BatchPhoto Pro 4.1: Edit and convert your photos in batch mode. Try it free!

BatchPhoto Pro 4.1

BatchPhoto is a powerful all-in-one photo manipulation program for Windows that lets photographers, web designers, business people, and families enhance photos quickly and efficiently. Simply select a group of photographs, and with a single operation annotate, touch-up, apply special effects, convert to different image types, resize, and rename every image in the group.

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Right JPG Converter 1.3: JPG Image converter combines image editing with image conversion to JPEG

Right JPG Converter 1.3

Right JPG Converter created to automate iterative image editing and conversion between different image formats and JPG. It combines basic image editing - resize, watermark, crop, rotate, etc. with conversion. It supports batch mode and you can process any number of files at the same time. Right JPG Converter can be integrated to the Windows shell. You can use it from command line to call it from other applications or perform scheduled processing.

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Right GIF Converter 1.3: Image processing utility that performs batch image editing and conversion to GIF

Right GIF Converter 1.3

This popular GIF image converter combine batch image processing and image conversion of different raster and vector formats to GIF. You can apply basic image editing actions while conversion - resize, crop, change saturation, lightness, hue, apply watermarks, rotate and change file names. You can also create special configuration files to save settings for future use. The application supports command line and has very simple syntax.

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Right Thumbnails 1.0: Batch image converter to JPG, GIF, PNG that also prepares thumbnails for albums

Right Thumbnails 1.0

Right Thumbnails is a very popular wizard utility that converts photos from digital cameras and images from most common vector and raster formats to most popular web formats - JPG, GIF, PNG and creates thumbnails for use in your web photo albums. It works on any number of images at the same time and you can save frequently used settings for future use.

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Color projects professsional 2.0: Color projects professsional: High-end colour filters for creative photographer.

Color projects professsional 2.0

COLOR projects professional’s clearly structured working interface displays the finely tuned presets on the left and the expert filters on the right. With the film emulation you can intensify portrait images and simulate a classic film look. Powerful high-end tools for unique images – Light Your Emotion!

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WinScan2PDF 3.14: Simply save the scanned documents into PDF and save them to a file on your PC!

WinScan2PDF 3.14

WinScan2PDF is a very small (~40k) and portable program that allows you to scan documents and save them on your computer as a PDF by using any installed scanner. Why WinScan2PDF: Are you one of those who only occasionally has to send a signed document to someone by e-mail. So you don’t need a PDF printer driver or some other complex program.

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