CoinManage Canada Coin Software 2013: Use CoinManage Canada coin software to catalog value your canadian coins

CoinManage Canada Coin Software 2013

CoinManage Canada 2013 Numismatic Software is a comprehensive inventory program for the Canadian coin collector. Save many hours of data entry by simply picking from the provided listings of more than 2100 coin varieties from Canadia and the Canadian Provinces with images and values. Bullion coin values can be updated instantly using the latest Gold, Silver and Platinum spot prices. integrated Report Designer and handy eBay coin search.

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myCollections myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music,


myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music, Movies, TV show or Adult contents, into the same and unique tool. myCollections will ensure that you do not lose a book because you have lent it to someone, that you never forget what a movie is all about, that you can easily locate that album you want to listen to, and more. myCollections is also able to find contents automatically from your hard drive.

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Coollector Movie Database 4.3.6: Personal movie and video collection manager.

Coollector Movie Database 4.3.6

Coollector Movie database is the most complete tool for the movie lovers. It`s a huge database of movies and series, personalized with what you`ve seen, how much you`ve liked it, and what you wish to see. It`ll manage your collection of DVDs, and your video files too, with a lightning-fast file scanning feature. Last but not least, it`ll analyze your taste to give you the best movie recommendations you`ve ever had.

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CoinManage USA Coin Collecting Software 2015: Use CoinManage software to quickly catalog and value your coin collection

CoinManage USA Coin Collecting Software 2015

CoinManage USA 2015 Coin Collecting Software is a complete inventory program for the coin collector. Save many hours of tedious data entry by simply picking from listings of all US coins, commemoratives and sets from 1793-2014. Coin images are provided to help identification. CoinManage includes an integrated Report Designer and the best eBay coin search you will find. Includes values for PCGS and non-certified coins in many grades.

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StampManage Canada Philatelic Software 2012: Use StampManage Canada to catalog and value your Canadian stamp collection.

StampManage Canada Philatelic Software 2012

Use StampManage Canada 2012 Philatelic Software to catalog and value your Canadian stamp collection. Features include a complete database of Canadian & provincial stamp data, with images and indexed by the SCOTT (tm) numbering system. Easily attach images to your records and print out reports in several different formats. Our eBay (tm) Search feature makes it easy to search for current and completed auctions.

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StampManage Stamp Collecting Software 2010: Use StampManage to catalog & value your stamp collection using SCOTT™ numbers

StampManage Stamp Collecting Software 2010

Use StampManage philatelic software to catalog and value your stamps from USA, UN, German, UK, Australian & Canada, Hungray and many more countries. StampManage is licensed by SCOTT™ to use their industry standard numbering system. Includes a huge database of over 75,000+ stamp varieties complete with 55,500+ images, all indexed by the industry standard SCOTT™ numbering system. You can create your own reports, export them to PDF and Excel.

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Holiline Reminder 3.0.1: Best paid features in a free reminder made to amaze

Holiline Reminder 3.0.1

Have you ever forgotten someone`s birthday? Anniversaries, weddings? Missed deadlines? Or you`re not satisfied with your current reminder? The basic principle of Holiline is to be around when you need it and not when you don`t. It couldn`t be simpler to use: no extra clicks, windows, settings or documents. Holiline Reminder is no more than a line of scrolling text ... made to amaze. You`ll never forget important events.

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