DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.0.4: The DDxHub relies on the System knowledgebase to diagnose a health condition

DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.0.4

DDxHub is a concentrator that holds a lot of disease descriptions. DDxHub is useful when you try to find a right diagnosis by comparing several different possible diagnoses. You may enter your own disease definition into DDxHub repository and share the disorder descriptions with other DDxHub users around the world. In turn, you will be updated with disorder descriptions from other DDxHub users.

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Blood Pressure Browser 1.0: Self-assessment of the blood pressure at home.

Blood Pressure Browser 1.0

The Blood Pressure Browser: a program designed for self-assessment of the blood pressure at home. To ensure your health and wellbeing, monitor your blood pressure with the Blood Pressure Browser. It`s easy: simply measure your blood pressure twice a day over the course of one week and add the results into an electronic database. Automatic analysis and diagnostics will be performed and recommendations displayed.

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 Personal Trainer Fort Myers 1.0: Searching for the best personal trainer Fort Myers has to offer? Then call Flori

Personal Trainer Fort Myers 1.0

Searching for the best personal trainer Fort Myers has to offer? Then call Florida Strength Systems at (239) 690-6452 and ask about our personal trainer group and individual sessions. With increased knowledge in the science of human performance, most coaches have come to recognize the advantages of conditioning in high-level competition.

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Fort Myers Personal Trainer 1.0: The Florida Strength Systems training program has been designed in such a way th

Fort Myers Personal Trainer 1.0

The Florida Strength Systems training program has been designed in such a way that each and every member will get supervised training during every session. Whether it is individual one-to-one training, or whether you are training in small groups, you will have the eyes of a trainer on you, so that he or she can be sure that you are maximizing every rep that you make, so that you get quicker results, while minimizing risk and injury.

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Merry Meal 1.50: Merry Meal - diet manager and calorie calculator will help you to loose weight.

Merry Meal 1.50

Merry Meal - diet manager and calorie calculator, will help you to keep you body in health, loose weight and keep in balance vitamin intake. Includes 2876 DB of products and more than 300 exercises. Will be a necessary fitness and bodybuilding helper.

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My CalStep 1.0.1: My CalStep tracks calories and steps. You`ll enjoy reaching your daily goals!

My CalStep 1.0.1

Step and Calorie tracking software that will encourage you to eat less and exercise more by keeping you aware of your calorie intake as well as tracking your steps. Enter in each food and calorie value and My CalStep does the calorie tracking for you, showing you your day`s progress. Progress bars show you where you`re succeeding and when you need to pick up the pace, or put down the cookie. You`ll enjoy the feeling of reaching your daily goals!

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Off4Fit 2.1: You work by the PC daily, and proceed working at home?

Off4Fit 2.1

You work by the PC daily, and proceed working at home? This software is just for you then! Organize the breaks with Off4Fit! It will remind you of the breaks periodically and very softly give a hint on a distraction time. Perfect interface, 3D graphics, a number of exercises for your eyes, hands and body - just follow the instructions of a pretty girl. You will have a rest to go on with your work with fresh efforts!

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