All My Books 3.1 Catalogs and Finds Books Quickly

All My Books 4.2 by Bolide Software

August 03, 2012 - Bolide Software, the leading developer of software for organizing movies, books and music, today announces the release of All My Books 3.1, the latest version of the book inventory software for Windows.

Updated with new features, All My Books can be used to organize all kinds of books - from printed books to electronic books and audio books. The book inventory software creates a book card in a few mouse clicks by automatically downloading information from the Internet, including title, author, year, genre, synopsis and review. Then this data is entered into relevant fields on a book card. In addition to book description, the book inventory software can automatically add cover art and photos to each book card.

All My Books makes it easy to search for information about any book in the home collection. There are many ways to do this. For example, the user can browse through the database, filter and sort books or search for a book by various criteria such as title, book number, author and publisher. If the user often lends out books to friends, the built-in loan manager can remind who took the book and when it is due back.

What`s new in All My Books 3.1?

Following the requests from the users, the developers of the new version added an option to sort books by the author`s last name when exporting the database to other formats or sending it to print. Also the way the listing of books is displayed has been redesigned and become more convenient to manage. Besides, the user can manage collections of audio books more conveniently as the program automatically retrieves all necessary information for creating a book card, taking into account all files that compose the book.

Regarding the evolution of the 3.x line of versions, the All My Books developers are planning to focus on the features for managing electronic and audio books. Also they are going to add support for Windows 8, synchronization of the database with special book inventory software for Android devices, iPhone and iPad. Also there are plans to add graphic display of statistic information about the book collection.

The latest version of All My Books is available for download from the product website. The trial version can be used for free for 30 days before the user is required to purchase the full version.

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