Explorer View (http://www.explorerview.com) by GetData Software is a time saving productivity tool that can preview files and allows you to manipulate them, within Windows Explorer, without having to open them. With Explorer View, you do not need a files creating software installed.

Explorer View File Viewer by GetData Software Company

GetData Software has designed a simple to use productivity tool that does away with the annoying and time consuming opening and closing of files in Windows Explorer until the right one is found. When you need to quickly check a detail – a name, address, date or particular reference, Explorer View gives quick access.

You can also cut and paste directly from the preview window into new or existing documents; preview the contents of files for which you don’t have the original creating software installed; view pictures; or play video and music files all from within the familiar Microsoft Windows Explorer interface.

“You simply press the `F8` key or click a button in the Windows Explorer toolbar to open a preview window within Windows Explorer to display or play the contents of a file instantly,” GetData Software Company director Graham Henley explained.

"It turns Windows Explorer into a file viewer, a music player and a video player".

“It allows you an immediate checking capability to see if you’ve got the right file, or perhaps check the address or date or whether the text is what you’re looking for – without having to go through that time consuming exercise of clicking back and forth to fully open a file with its creating application and find that it wasn’t the one you needed. There’s no more having to repeat the process several times until you find the right one.”

Explorer View has a free 30 day evaluation period and can be downloaded from the GetData Software Company website at http://www.explorerview.com.