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TaskMerlin Project Management Software by Interfathom Project Management Software

Interfathom has released TaskMerlin v. 4.0, a powerful project management application for Windows that makes it easy for business teams to organize projects, notes, tasks, and schedules, and share them with colleagues. TaskMerlin is simple enough for the sole proprietor to use to track a to-do list, and powerful enough to support an international project team.

TaskMerlin runs on Windows desktops that are connected to the office LAN, and offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than online project management solutions. In addition, TaskMerlin`s local office network model is easier to integrate with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other desktop software. TaskMerlin delivers faster performance and a richer feature set, while avoiding the data security issues associated with storing sensitive information on the Internet.

Version 4.0 includes a comprehensive set of detailed project reports that make it simple for line managers and project managers to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks. The grid-style report presents a snapshot of the entire project, with a list of tasks, status, priorities, progress, assigned workers, and due dates.

Unlike other task managers that lock you into a fixed format, TaskMerlin offers complete flexibility for naming, structuring, and viewing tasks. This flexibility makes it ideal for project managers who want to tailor the project tracking structure to the project at hand. It also makes it easy for individuals to create a tracking and reporting structure that maximizes their work style and skills. Followers of David Allen`s Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow methodology can even tailor TaskMerlin to conform to the GTD structure.

In addition to traditional project management information, TaskMerlin lets you track appointments, reminders, notes, and schedules. All of the data is completely searchable. It is easy to select, sort, and filter the 40+ columns of information that TaskMerlin displays.

TaskMerlin 4.0 runs under Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2003/2008. The Personal Edition, for use on a single PC, costs $49(US). Prices for the Professional Edition, with simultaneous multi-user database access and individual passwords, email settings, popup reminders, filter definitions, and display options, begin at $99(US) per PC, with quantity discounts available.

Visit http://www.taskmerlin.com to learn more about TaskMerlin or to download the trial version.



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