ViStart 7 just got even better!

Windows Start Menu ViStart by

ViStart 7, your favourite start menu just got even better! I`ve had 5 years to develop ViStart and I promised users they would get blur and 64bit compatibility and I didn`t stop until I delivered my promise. I`ve been working hard and experimenting with different blur algorithms. One of the most anticipated features for ViStart has finally been implemented. It took several months but I`ve refined the algorithm so that it doesn`t impact performance and looks beautiful too. Now ViStart elegantly blends the desktop with the current theme just like the original Windows 7 start menu. In fact Windows 7 users couldn`t tell the difference between ViStart and their actual start menu. As time went on and Windows 7 was released I didn`t stop developing ViStart. I kept updating ViStart the Windows 7 start menu and I kept improving it. I also ensured it was compatible with Windows 7. That`s why I am proud to announce that ViStart 7 is now compatible with all major versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 7.

It doesn`t stop there either as this release of ViStart comes with a custom start orb from Windows 7 so your start menu and start button gets an replaced with just one single product from and now with our brand new skins gallery open, you will be able to fully customize ViStart and transform your start menu into something new every day! So start your day the VI way and Start your Windows with ViStart.