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History Clean 3.0 by New Softwares, Inc.

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History Clean: Clear history of all your browsers and Windows with a single click.

NewSoftwares.net, Inc. today announced the major upgrade release of our all time favorite history clean and privacy software `History Clean`.

What`s so special about History Clean? History Clean supports history cleaning of all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Furthermore, the program supports third-party software history cleaning and file and folder shredding.

Whether you surf the internet for pleasure or browse banking sites, your private information can be easily gathered from your activities on and off the net. Your computer is like a recording machine, everything you ever type or see, can easily be made available to anyone. One doesn`t need to be a rocket scientist to find out your daily usages like recently run documents, files or programs or even what you filled in one of those browsers. Even if you use an auto-filling software or a firewall, the risks of your personal information getting leaked from your own computer is very high. According to a latest survey more than 50% of privacy breaches are an inside job. Doesn`t it mean you can`t let anyone use your computer without first erasing your previous tracks on all browsers and on your PC?

History Clean is efficient because it lets you clean traces on all major browsers with a single click automatically, without the hassle for you to get things done with each one seperately. Furthermore, these tracks are not plainly deleted, but shredded so that they can`t be recovered by a data recovery software afterwards. The program also remembers your preferences and what to delete and what to keep so that you don`t worry about your important cookies and urls you never want to delete.

But wait! History Clean doesn`t stop there. It also supports third party software history cleaning, never again worry about MS Word, Winzip, ACDSee, Acrobat or other such programs keeping your history of files run. Furthermore, trash out those important files and folders from your computer securely using file and folder shredding opiton. Never assume that deleting a file is the end of it, shredding with History Clean deletes files such that they become unrecoverable.

You can download a fully functional evaluation copy from www.newsoftwares.net/history-clean/ For more information please contact us at steve.frank@newsoftwares.net

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Full Copy Available on Request