SecurityCoverage Releases Password Genie Mac and Windows Update

Password Genie 2.1 by SecurityCoverage, Inc.

SecurityCoverage, Inc. announced updates to its secure password management program, Password Genie for Mac v2.0 and Password Genie for Windows v2.1. These new versions continue to build upon the highly popular Password Genie software for Mac and Windows to support a wider range of browsers, all while adding new features to the Password Genie platform.

Launched in September 2010 at, Password Genie is a secure password manager program that saves your web site usernames and passwords, eliminating the need to write them down, remember them manually, or store them in an unsecure document. You simply install it and as you browse the Internet, Password Genie automatically recognizes when you enter a username and password on a web site and stores it as a saved login. Upon returning to a saved login site, Password Genie will fill in the username and password. Because of its high security standards and convenience, you never have to worry again about unprotected storage of passwords, the frustration of forgotten passwords or any login information being displayed online.

New Password Genie for Windows features include:

Mobile Compatibility - A new "Mobile" tab in the Password Genie console allows users to sync-up their desktop and Password Genie Mobile for Android account.

Increased Importing Capabilities - Password Genie now allows users to import their passwords during installation for Chrome and Safari, in addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Updated Browser Compatibility - Password Genie is now fully compatible with Firefox 6.

For more information on how you can try Password Genie for Windows, Mac, or Mobile, visit our website at and click on the 30 Day Free Trial link.

About SecurityCoverage

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