Pick great domain names in new .XXX or .CO tld-domains with the latest SoftFuse Whois 2.8!

SoftFuse Whois 2.8 by SoftFuse Development

You`ll definitely like the new additions of the latest build of this small, but powerful network tool. Do you search a nice domain name in the "new commercial" .CO zone or adult-related .XXX zone? SoftFuse Whois supports those and tens of other domains gTLD/ccTLD! Type a name and get the result in a convenient and secured way.

Find domains in .ES, .QA, .JP, .UK, .FR, .US and hundreds of other domain`s extensions. SoftFuse Whois provides domainers with the access to whois-servers placed all over the Internet. New Code2Country tool allows you to get full country name by its iso-code in a moment.

As usual, this lookup utility is just great to obtain all available information of a specific domain name. Just type a desired domain and you get all detailed information in a matter of seconds! Investigate who`s the domain`s owner, administrative, technical or billing contact. What`s the domain`s IP-address to find out the domain`s hosting provider.

The required information is right before your eyes: creation date, expiry date, is the domain available or not. Moreover this whois-utility packed with SEO options, so it lets you know the exact pagerank or traffic rank of any site. Additional built-in network tools help network specialist in their everyday work.

SoftFuse Whois is your choice. For more information about the new SoftFuse Whois, the downloads and screenshots please visit us at: http://www.softfuse.com/whois/ This small, but advanced whois utility will save your time and provide the most of all available details of any domain in seconds!