Vertabase Project Management Software Doubles Productivity of Creative Department

Vertabase 4.5 by VERTABASE Project Management Software

Vertabase Project Management Software

Doubles Productivity of Internal Creative Departments

Vertabase, developer of the world`s leading ColdFusion-based project management software, is pleased to announce that its product has doubled the productivity of Creativity, Inc.`s internal creative department.

A new project management case study describes how this leading national crafts supply company has used Vertabase software to double productivity. Creativity has strengthened collaboration and improved its turnaround times for customers using Vertabase.

"We seamlessly manage customer requests, changes, and status reporting," said Creativity Vice President of IT Jim Mulholland. "In addition to the time savings in our art department, management has found that the accessibility of real-time data enables better decision-making."

"The solution performs flawlessly, and requires very little IT support," continued Mulholland. "I would strongly recommend Vertabase to coordinate project management activities for internal creative teams."

Vertabase creates a framework for getting things done faster within creative departments. Centralized document storage and web-based access capabilities foster more collaborative and time-efficient environments. The project management software enables employees to create integrated workflows, notifications of next steps, and other communications that help things run smoother.

Steps are visible so traffic managers always know what comes next in work flows and can easily check statuses. This enables faster delivery at every step: from concept, to approval by the customer, to product completion. Ultimately, Vertabase speeds up new product development.

About Vertabase

Vertabase was founded in Michigan in 1997 with a vision to offer innovative productivity solutions. Online project management software that can organize companies and organizations. The web project management software solution was first launched in 1999, Vertabase`s flagship product Vertabase 4.5 is an easy-to-use project management solution, including time tracking, project tracking, resource planning and comprehensive document management. The solution is used by industry-leading companies and government organizations to help manage projects in marketing, communications, web-development, IT and general operations or production. Vertabase project management software organizes people and projects by simplifying, centralizing and accelerating access to critical real-time information.