Keystroke Logger Pro 1.7.11: Professional Keystroke Logger

Keystroke Logger Pro 1.7.11

Keystroke Logger Pro is an invisible keylogger for Windows systems that runs hidden in the background. Keystroke Logger Pro secretly records keystrokes, passwords, websites visited and also takes screenshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera. More details:

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1AVMonitor Remotely Monitor your Webcam, Desktop, Microphone, or Phone-Line!


Remotely monitor your webcam, your desktop, or your microphone with this powerful all-in-one surveillance tool. Features include motion detection , sound detection, and secure website publication with access to live video, and all detected activity.

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LightLogger Keylogger Great software for recording keystrokes and much, much more on your PC.

LightLogger Keylogger

Simple-to-use and easy-to-install, LightLogger runs undetected by most users, recording keystrokes in any web page or program, plus web sites visited, clipboard clips, and applications opened. LightLogger can even take screen shots at intervals and file sizes you choose. Only a customizable hot-key combination and password permit access to LightLogger and its logs.

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eMonit Employee Monitor The easy-to-use employee monitor ideal for mid-size businesses.

eMonit Employee Monitor

eMonit is a versatile new employee monitor that makes it easy for mid-size businesses to monitor employees` computer activity. eMonit sets up in minutes, configures easily, and provides graphic overviews as well as filterable details of activity on each monitored computer. eMonit logs keystrokes, captures web browsing activity in detail, records application-use history, and can even take screenshots at regular intervals.

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Free Keylogger for Windows Best free keylogger for Windows captures text in any application or web page.

Free Keylogger for Windows

Small, simple and functional, Free Keylogger for Windows monitors and records keystrokes on your PC. Free Keylogger is absolutely FREE, easy to install and run, and works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Keystroke logging works in any language your computer supports and lets you capture text typed in any application or web page.

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EyeLine Video Surveillance Software 2.06: EyeLine for Windows is a powerful video surveillance system.

EyeLine Video Surveillance Software 2.06

EyeLine Video Surveillance lets you record and archive compressed surveillance footage for use at a later time. EyeLine Video Surveillance can record up to 100+ cameras simultaneously. Motion detection recording saves space by only recording when needed. Find and play video footage by camera, date, duration, and motion-detected. Videos can be set up to be viewed on a second monitor, television, or other screen.

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IE Tracker Pro 2.1: Saves IE history as images covertly

IE Tracker Pro 2.1

IE Tracker Pro covertly keeps track of browsing history and automatically takes Internet Explorer screenshots. Keeps a personal history of for watching family or business activities that may be erased by Internet Explorer users. Keeps a record of sites in a written report along with screen snapshots.

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