AAhistory 1.0

This app is an African, African-American or black history introduction program to help black youth learn about their history and help build upon their self esteem and direction in life. The focus is on ancient African history and teaches obscure and less known facts about the African continent.

I have focused on African history to help black adolescents cope with the problems black adolescents face in current society. I am of the strong opinion the problems with adolescents is rooted in the lack of not knowing about their history. Because I believe knowing about their history can help shape their outlook on life. Therefore, these write-up is geared to encouraging black people to visit and talk over my black history web site http://mawuvi.com, whose goals is to uplift black people during the teaching of our history.

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AAhistory 1.0 by African American History: African, African-American or black history introduction program