CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0

CertExams.com lab simulator for CompTIA Network+ consists of several lab exercises for thorough hands-on preparation in a simulated network environment. This labsim is particularly useful for candidates intending to lean computer networking in a LAN/WAN environment. One will be able to practice existing lab exercises or design one`s own labs using GUI interface. Several networking devices including routers, switches and WAPs are supported.

The important features include 1) Support for various types of devices including routers (Cisco IOS), switches (Cisco IOS), wireless access points, DHCP servers, and hosts. 2) Dozens of lab exercises for thorough preparation, 3) Networking essentials manual, 4) Network designer module that enables one to design onw`s own networks, 5) Support for 100s of configuration commands for routers and switches, 6) GUI configuration feature for WAPs and servers.

The LabSim is an essential tool for beginners because it provides a safe networking environment without using expensive networking equipment. The software is intended to be self contained and completely software based. The demo version is free and provides a glimpse of features available.

CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0 by Anand Software and Training (P) Ltd.: Network+ Lab Simulator with 100+ lab exercises.