Belkasoft Universal IM History Extractor Pro 2.04

Belkasoft Universal IM History Extractor Pro allows you to

extract your IM history into such formats as plain text, HTML and XML.

It is possible to select the time period of interest, generate history for

chosen contacts only, filter sent or received messages.

Unlike the regular version, Belkasoft Universal IM History Extractor,

Pro version allows to store history broken by contacts, supports command

line and so could be scheduled.

It is also possible to customize the way HTML will looks like.

The following IMs are supported:

ICQ, Miranda, Yahoo! Messenger, &RQ, MSN.

Multibyte codepages (like Chinese) are supported.

It is possible to extract deleted ICQ messages (for ICQ 99a-2003b).

Built-in History Converter to ICQ5 appeared in ver.2.04.

Pro version of Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor has some advantages comparing with the regular version:

It works with a history of any size (regular version ignores messages over the limit of 20000 messages)

Ability to split history by contacts (that is, generate separate file for each contact`s history). This is very useful when you have huge message history

Ability to run in batch mode that is extremely useful for scheduling history extraction

Ability to extract deleted messages

Built-in History Converter to ICQ 5

Lost in your Internet Messenger history? Not a problem any more!

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