Face Crop Jet 1.2

Face Crop Jet will detect a Face from a Photo and it will save the Image containing the Face.The output images are perfect for using as a ID Card Photo/Passport Photo as it has all required features for an ID Card/Passport Photo. Face Crop Jet can simplify processes like preparing School ID Cards,Hiring Process etc.

The software can save time and man power which you should spend to Manually Crop Faces from Photos.

-Intelligent and Automatic

-Obtain perfect ID Card Photos from Full

-Size Images -Zero Configuration

-Supports Images of Any Size or Format

-Supports JPG,PNG,BMP,TIF and GIF Output Formats

-Automatic Searching and Adding of Images from Folder/Device

Face Crop Jet 1.2 by Face Crop Jet: Face Crop Jet Detects and Crops Faces from Photos