GFI WebMonitor 2011

GFI WebMonitor is a reliable, easy-to-use solution for SMBs to manage web browsing activity and proactively protect their environment from downloads that contain viruses or other malware. Protection is offered via multiple antivirus engines, the control of file types and by predicting security risks based on a website’s reputation. GFI WebMonitor gives management a comprehensive view which can be used to enhance employee productivity and reduce cyber-slacking. Its reporting capabilities allow companies to effectively enforce an Internet usage policy. GFI WebMonitor provides URL categorization for over 280,000,000 domains and therefore restrictions can be placed on adult, social networking (Facebook, MySpace), online gaming, personal email and other non-work-related sites, as well as multiple Instant Messaging clients, including thin-clients such as Gmail chat or Yahoo! chat. Through granular bandwidth monitoring and control features, the administrator has the ability to track download and upload traffic and the number of URL hits over time. Capabilities also include the prevention of data leakage through socially-engineered websites, the ability to set up policies to block streaming media on websites and to interrupt or stop a connection in real time .

GFI WebMonitor 2011 by GFI Software: Internet monitoring, web security and Internet access control