Image to PDF Conversion 12.06.01

Kernel for image to PDF is an efficacious utility which converts the image file in PDF file format. It supports conversion of images having different file formats such as JPG, BMP, JPEG,TIFF, ICO and PNG and offers page sizes in A4, A5 and letter for the PDF file. Some of its features includes- allows saving the converted PDF file in stretch image, best file and user defined dimensions, allows saving the image of PDF in both vertical as well as horizontal position, lets the user to convert the maximum of 128 image files as a batch into PDF file format within a single conversion cycle. Moreover, image to PDF conversion tool facilitates the user to save a multiple number of images in a single PDF file which makes the process of attaching the images in email very simple and easy. Also, the quality of image and font color appears to be brighter and not distorted after conversion. For more information please visit:

Image to PDF Conversion 12.06.01 by Image to PDF: Convert multiple images in a single go with image to PDF conversion tool