IntelliProtector for Freeware 2.19 is a protection and licensing service for freeware authors who want to protect their source code from alterations, repackaging or reverse engineering. The service will help you preserve the business potential of a freeware program for growing into a fully-fledged shareware product. IntelliProtector consists of a web-based control panel and a downloadable client, which is used to inject protection core into software.

The web-based panel allows the freeware author to manage activations, generate valuable reports and statistics on your freeware product use that you can use to develop a commercial version of the software. You can also use the panel to generate advertisement reports to see the number of activations for a particular period of the advertising campaign. The IntelliProtector helpdesk is provided through the control panel too.

The client offers many options to set up software protection. You start by selecting the software modules for protection. The next step is to set up hardware binding properties to ensure that your software is not installed simultaneously on more than one computer. You can bind to processor, motherboard, hard disk drive, MAC address. If any of the chosen devices is modified, then the end-user is required to go through the activation again. In the next step, you enable anti-crack options, such as module checksum verification, debugger blocking, memory dumper blocking and OEP (Original Entry Point) protection. All these operations are accomplished easily and without a hitch through the wizard.

Once protected, you can distribute software. The user downloads and installs the software. During the installation, the user goes through the activation to ensure that the product is not installed on more than the limited number of computers allowed in the software`s end user license agreement. After activation, the software can be used without any limitations.

IntelliProtector for Freeware 2.19 by Protection and licensing service to protect freeware from reverse engineering