Java Platform Invoke API Demo (Linux) 2.01.04

Java Platform Invoke API (Demo version) for Linux/Unix, i386.

Enables Java code to call native functions implemented in shared link libraries like in Microsoft .NET Framework. Written for JSE 1.5.x and later.

Java platform invoke an API that enables Java code to call native functions implemented in shared libraries, such as those in the Linux API. It locates and invokes an exported function and marshals its arguments (integers, strings, arrays, structures, and so on) across the interoperation boundary as needed. This API supports implicit marshaling that makes Java coding with native functions very simple.

To consume a shared library functions you need

1.Identify functions in shared librarys.

Minimally, you must specify the name of the function and name of the the shared library that contains it.

2.Create a class to hold shared library functions.

You can use an existing class, create an individual class for each native function, or create one class that contains a set of related native functions. This class should extend CNativeLibrary. Use the annotation ImportLibrary to bind your class to the native library.

3.Create prototypes in Java code.

Write prototype of a native function as a method with signature that corresponds to the native function using data type map agreement. To identify the native function use the annotation Function. Mark the method with the native modifier.

4.Call a shared library function.

Call the method on your Java class as you would any other Java method. As parameters can be passed structures and implemented in Java callback functions.

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