Network Dictionary v1

Network Dictionary is designed to help computer networking and telecom professionals and students to navigate the computing and communication technologies and services smoothly. This dictionary includes terms from multiple fields that were separated before. Terms, phrases used across multiple fields can mean many different things. Complicated. We mark every term by its primary fields so that readers can better understand the context and background of the term. Uncomplicated.

The categories used in the book are:

Networking : includes data networking phrases, pluses terms related to the Internet

Protocol : includes protocols used and defined in various communications industries

Security : includes networking, computing and information security related terms

Telecom : includes terms primarily for traditional voice communication through wire-lines

Wireless : terms for wireless communications that may be local, fixed, or mobile

Hardware : terms related to computer and network hardware

Software: computer software phrases and terms

Organization : includes government organizations and industrial associations

Network Dictionary v1 by Javvin Company: Network Dictionary to help the navigation of the converged networking technology