Drawit 3.1

DRAWIT is the award-winning program for all your graphics and drawing

needs. It will let you make illustrations, signs, posters, and banners.

DRAWIT combines the best features of graphics and desktop publishing -

with additional features especially for big posters and banners.


o A full set of drawing tools (rectangle, line, oval, etc.).

o Complete flexibility in the placement of graphics.

o Quick shapes (triangle, arrows, etc.).

o Apply textures and gradient fills (over 30 textures included).

o Rotate, group, snap-to-grid, and other drawing features.


o Smooth pictures for smooth enlargements.

o Sharpen and blur pictures.

o Change contrast, brightness, and color balance.

o Rotate pictures.

o Clip pictures.


o Import pictures from BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, EMF, and WMF files.

o Export pictures and entire drawings as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, PNG,

TGA, EMF, and WMF files.

o TWAIN interface lets you scan or feed digital cameras directly into DRAWIT.

o Import OLE objects like Microsoft Graph and Wordart.

o Copy and paste between different applications and multiple copies of DRAWIT.


o Supports all True-Type and Adobe Type Manager fonts

o Over 100 special text effects (like 3D, shadow, and arch).

o Apply gradients and textures to text.

o Rotate text.

o Spelling checker.

o Stretch standard True-type fonts for taller, wider, or distorted characters.


o Print on single page, or ENLARGE up to 9x9 feet, tiling over

multiple pages.

o Create banners on continuous forms paper (Epson, HP 6xx and 7xx, and

Canon ink-jet printers).


o Tutorial.

o Extensive on-line help.

o Over 100 examples and templates.

DRAWIT is great for a wide variety of projects at work, school, home, or


1. Creating illustrations for word processing or WEB projects.

2. Converting graphics files

Drawit 3.1 by Poster Software: Program for all your graphics and drawing needs. Make illustrations, signs.

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