Guitar SightReader Toolbox 4.2.0

Guitar SightReader Toolbox is your one-step software for sight-reading, chord voicing and scales, ear-training, soloing over changes, time-keeping, transcribing, creating lick libraries. No other software comes close to this set of tools for guitar and bass (4,5 and 6 string). Ideal for teachers, music students (pass exams) and players interested in developing their abilities. Less than the price of 2 guitar lessons. Quick chords gives a guitarist 25 ways to play any chord. Cross reference scales that fit. See and play them. Sight-reading is specifically geared towards guitar and bass. Original music generated every time (really works). Create libraries of all your favourite player`s licks. Play them back at any speed while keeping the same pitch. Use the progression center to learn how to play over any set of chord changes (in any key). Record yourself and play back at any speed. Make use of the amazing feature packed metronome. Ease into sight-reading with the sight-reading primer. 10 ear-training tools. This includes relative pitch (just like in music schools) and perfect pitch. Available for Windows 8 and later and Mac OSX. Less than the price of 2 guitar lessons!

Guitar SightReader Toolbox 4.2.0 by Pro Level Guitar: For the price of less that 2 Guitar Lessons, Get decades of study - Win and Mac