Google Password Recovery

Google Password Recovery is the tool that will recover all saved Google Accounts passwords from your PC. The program will search the following places for saved passwords: Google Talk, Gmail Notifier, Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Photos Screensaver, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Program only works when the password is saved in at least one of the above listed programs.

Functionality of Google Password Recovery:

* Decrypt Google password (Google Account password decrypter)

* Decode Google Account passwords (Google password decoder)

* Crack Google account passwords (Google Account password cracker)

* Recover Google Account password (Google password recovery)

* Find Google passwords (Google Account password finder)

* Google Account password ripper (rip Google passwords)

* Google remote account hacker (not implemented)

* Google account password hacker (will hack Google passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts)

* All versions of Google Talk; Gmail Notifier, Picasa, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox are supported

More info on why we included the recovery from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:

There is definitely a need to look for saved passwords in browsers because -

1. GMail passwords can be stored in a browser

2. Google Toolbar stores passwords

3. All other Google Services can store passwords in browsers

Google Password Recovery by Reactive Software: Google Password Recovery Tool