Meeting Scheduler for Gmail 1.1

Meeting scheduling with today`s hectic schedules is becoming a real challenge, making online scheduling a real must for individuals and organizations alike. ScheduleOnce is a free meeting scheduler that streamlines the meeting scheduling process and quickly finds common meeting times that work for all attendees. Real-time accuracy of your availability is ensured since throughout the online scheduling process ScheduleOnce is constantly synched with your Google Calendar, eliminating any occurrence of double booking. ScheduleOnce is a completely free scheduler and does not require registration.

ScheduleOnce can be used from your native working environment via two Google add-ons; the Google Calendar Widget or the Gmail Widget. The Google Calendar Widget is a lightweight Google add-on for Firefox that connects to your Google Calendar and allows you to conduct all your meeting scheduling directly from your Google Calendar. The Gmail widget is a lightweight Google add-on for Gmail that loads into the Gmail Sidebar and allows you to conduct all your meeting scheduling directly from Gmail.

Organizations using ScheduleOnce accelerate their business by scheduling meetings sooner and quicker. It eliminates email and phone tag, and ensures a rewarding online scheduling experience for all attendees. Our meeting scheduler engine is patent pending, and supports time zones and Daylight Saving Time changes in more than 300 locations worldwide.

To get started, simply install one of the Google add-ons. If you are a Google Calendar fan, connect your Google Calendar. The online scheduling process is very simple:

1. The user creates a new meeting with the Gmail Widget or the Google Calendar Widget

2. Invitees access the meeting scheduler by clicking the link emailed by the meeting organizer. Invitees don`t need to register

3. The organizer analyzes invitee availability and schedules the meeting.

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail 1.1 by ScheduleOnce: An online meeting scheduling solution for Gmail. Free and no registration.