eml-2-emlx 1.2.2

eml-2-emlx is a mail file conversion utility. It convertes the standard eml-files to emlx-files and .mbox mailboxes.

eml is a standard mail file format often used by e-mail programs.

emlx is the file format used by apple in MacOS Mail v2 and above.

eml-2-emlx does not just convert mails, it preserves your mailbox structure to get it into Mac OS Mail.

Since v 1.2.0 and using Mac OS X Lion (10.7) you can now directly convert to a Mac OS X Mail Structure, which you can import with Mac SO Mail using the import Apple Mail.

eml-2-emlx 1.2.2 by Schulmeister Software Development: E-mail bacth conversion from eml to emlx and mbox and mac os x mail structure

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