EZ-Forms ULTRA 5.50.ee.220

- Eforms (electronic forms) and database solution for the desktop, laptop, enterprise, internet and developers.

- Create DataBase enabled or stand-alone electronic forms for use with EZ-Forms Filler.

- Import millions of PDFs (Adobe Acrobat) easily and have instant forms.

- EZ-Forms Viewer allows you to share your forms with anyone.

- Form/data/view encryption.

- Overlay printing.

- As "EZ" as scan/import - point - click - create fileds - data enable - go.

- Form, Fillout, Scan, PDF, Import/Export, and Database Wizards, make it "EZ"!

- Now you can simply scan your form into EZ-Forms ULTRA Designer, and start typing. Or, add automated filler fields, create a database with the wizard, and you are done! What could be easier?

- Import graphic images and PDFs too! Most other file types can be easily converted. We provide you access to the tools, or we can do it for you.

- The EZ-Forms ULTRA Designer System is the eforms and database solution for your destop, laptop, entire enterprise, or client base (Developer`s edition). DataBase connectivity via standard .DBF data files (ODBC) coupled with electronic forms (eforms) allow total e-forms automation that is uniquely enhanced with real looking on-screen forms that print exactly like the original (if it ever even existed).

- Unlike page document composition, EZ-Forms` logical object oriented drawing tools are specifically tailored and optimized for forms design and manipulation. Its WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interactive screen is clear, intuitive and easy to use. Font size, typeface and printer options (including FAX transmission) are limited only by what is available under Microsoft Windows.

- Distribute your eforms to anyone, anywhere via your LAN, the Internet, Email, etc.

- A Viewer-Only edition, is available separately, allows anyone to view your completed forms. Go to: http://ez-forms.com/viewer

And of course, much more ... EZ-Forms.com

EZ-Forms ULTRA 5.50.ee.220 by the EZ-Forms Company (EZX Corporation): Eforms: Create, scan, overlay, import PDF, formfiller, database,