3D Graphics 101 (Geometry) 4.12

3D e-Learning for Individuals and Educators

Learn the core fundamentals of 3D Graphics

Pre-requisites: 3D Anatomy 101 (recommended)

Description: Learn the core fundamentals of 3D Graphics

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 13 Lessons (approx)

Assignments: 2 modelling tasks

Exam: 1

Software: 3D Model Builder (Geometry Pack)

Available for: Any Windows PC, "netbook" (XP) or Mac (OSX)

Delivery: On-line (or contact us for off-line content)

Learning Outcomes

* All 3D graphics systems draws objects using triangles

* 3 points in 3D space are required to draw 1 triangle

* 3D graphics systems can draw triangles in strips

* Triangle strips are the most efficient drawing method

* 3D triangles have a "front face" and a "back face"

* All flat and curved 3D surfaces are "skinned" using triangles

Skill Outcomes

* Ability to define and manipulate points in 3D space

* Ability to construct complex shapes using points

* Ability to "skin" complex shapes using triangles

* Ability to create efficient 3D objects using triangle strips

* Ability to "skin" complex surfaces using triangles

* Ability to move objects along a 3D axis (X, Y and Z)

* Ability to rotate objects around a central position

* Ability to reshape and resize objects using scaling

* Ability to create complex scenes using 3D child models

There are over 30 tutorials to teach you how to build castles, dragons, formula 1 cars, game characters, dolphins, buildings and even a skate board park!

Learn 3D at www.3dgraphics101.com

3D Graphics 101 (Geometry) 4.12 by TheyerGFX Pty Ltd: 3D e-Learning for Individuals and Educators