HTML Print Command Line 2.0

VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line product can be used to batch print html, mhtml files or Web URLs to Windows Printer, it is print the whole web page`s content to Windows Printer without user interaction, you can use it to full control printer`s capability by members of DEVMODE structure. VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line is depend on MS Internet Explorer to render HTML pages, so it is support all features which supported by MS Internet Explorer application.

HTMLPrint Command Line Key Features:

1. HTML Print does Print HTML to a specific printer;

2. HTML Print does able to prompt the user with the print dialog so they can change printer settings and/or select pages manually;

3. HTML Print does Load/Save DEVMODE from/to disk file;

4. HTML Print does able to set copy number, orientation (portrait/landscape), duplex (simplex/horizontal/vertical), color (monochrome/color), x-resolution, y-resolution, collate, scale options to printer;

5. HTML Print support more than 100 standard paper types (See Paper Definition);

6. HTML Print support any custom paper size;

7. HTML Print support list the printers which installed in the system;

8. HTML Print support list bins/trays of a printer;

9. HTML Print able to set paper bin (paper tray) to a specific printer;

10. HTML Print support restore original settings to printer after printing;

11. HTML Print support check status for print jobs, auto delete failed jobs if necessary;

12. HTML Print support print background color and images in HTML page;

13. HTML Print able to control header, footer, and margins;

14. HTML Print is no user interaction;

15. HTML Print support "postdata" when print HTML page;

16. HTML Print is able to show or hide print preview dialog;

17. HTML Print support output debug message during printing;

18. HTML Print support print HTML page which contain CSS, Javascript, Java Applet, SVG, Flash or iFrame elements;

19. HTML Print support all features which supported by MS Internet Explorer;

HTML Print Command Line 2.0 by Inc: HTML Print does batch print HTML files to printer from command line