GSA Platform Identifier 1.51: detect web sites by there used platform

GSA Platform Identifier 1.51

GSA Platform Identifier is a very powerful, multi-threaded, Windows based computer program that automatically detects and sorts imported URL`s based on their platform E.G. Wordpress, Blogspot, Vbulletin and many more. GSA PI has the ability to recognize hundreds of various platforms right out of the box and can sort and detect loads of URLS very fast.

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GSA SEO Indexer 2.04: Get your webpage indexed by search engines within minutes.

GSA SEO Indexer 2.04

With GSA SEO Indexer you can get your website into the major search engines like Google or Bing within minutes where you previously had to wait days or even weeks. The method is very well known to SEO specialists and works by submitting your site to a lot whois and statistics websites and search engines itself, resulting in many backlinks.

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GSA URL Redirect PRO 1.58: Make your long URLs way smaller and catchy with your own keywords in it.

GSA URL Redirect PRO 1.58

This URL Shortener can create over 1000 new links within a couple of minutes that will automatically redirect to your site. There are many different link types that the our software can create. The so called 301 redirect type is the one everyone is interested in. It will carry over the PR from the domain to your site which makes this tool so powerful. Just blast your new Short-URLs with your favourite SEO tool such as GSA Search Engine Ranker.

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GSA Auto Website Submitter 5.13: Submit your webpage to many search engines and directories.

GSA Auto Website Submitter 5.13

GSA Website Submitter submits your website to many search engines and directories. Many special features like spin syntax for the descriptions or the captcha code analysis cuts the time to a minimum to promote your site. Very fast web page submission by threads finishes your advertising in a very short time where you have taken days before. Even the validation links from emails will be clicked for you to speed up the submission process.

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Virto SharePoint JQuery Tab Navigation 2.0.0: JQuery-Based Component for Organizing Web Parts in Microsoft SharePoint

Virto SharePoint JQuery Tab Navigation 2.0.0

Virto Tab Navigation is a JQuery-based Web Part. Combine all other web parts in a group and show them on the specific tab rather than on one page with scrolling. When the feature is activated and added to a SharePoint site page, a user can group tabs according to needs. For example, we have a page with several controls in different web part zones. Using Virto Tab Navigation Web Part, a user can easily combine web part into tabs.

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Virto Ajax SharePoint Form Extender 5.0.0: Custom SharePoint List Forms for creating, editing and viewing list items

Virto Ajax SharePoint Form Extender 5.0.0

Virto Custom List Form Extender is Ajax and Java Script based Web Part allowing for quick and simple customizing SharePoint list forms for creating, editing and viewing list items. Design your own list forms with additional features of allowing for auto fill fields, defining default field values as well as setting up security rights to restrict the access to specific tabs and fields for particular users and user groups.

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Log Analytics Sense 1.0: Log Analytics Sense is a universal log analysis/reporting tool for many log file

Log Analytics Sense 1.0

Log Analytics Sense is a universal log analysis/reporting tool for many log including web, media, proxy and ftp logs. Log Analytics Sense provides the fastest an interactive, desktop-based log analysis, you can generate and upload to the server highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, you can export data from raw log files to your database, uses ODBC and other.

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